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Hospital negligence claims made against Kentucky hospital

With all the stories about the problems with the Veterans Affairs medical centers providing less than stellar care for veterans, people might wonder when the horror stories are going to stop being the focus of the news. Some Kentucky residents might be wondering if the VA centers in the area are affected by the problems. One family says that the Lexington VA Hospital was responsible for making their father's quality of life go downhill.

In January of 2011, the man started having pain while urinating and difficulty urinating. After finally being admitted to the VA hospital, the man was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That diagnosis was incorrect, according to his family. They also say that he was denied a second opinion. His daughter says that a band used to signal a do not resuscitate order was placed on his arm but that he didn't give permission for that.

Failure to diagnose an infection leads to lawsuit

Strep infections are serious infections that require immediate treatment because of how quickly they can spread. If these infections aren't properly diagnosed in a timely manner and treated accordingly, the infection can get so bad that it can negatively affect a person's body. Kentucky residents might be interested to read about a case of staph that went undiagnosed for so long that a woman had to have her limbs amputated.

This woman's nightmare started in 2011 when the infection went undetected. Because of the failure to diagnose, the woman ended up having to get her arms and legs amputated.

Failure to diagnose meningitis for over a week leads to death

Getting a proper diagnosis for illnesses can sometimes be challenging. When the person who is suffering from the illness is a prisoner, getting a proper diagnosis can sometimes be almost impossible. Kentucky residents might like to learn about a lawsuit recently filed in another state that alleges medical malpractice and negligence on the part of a prison medical staff.

The horrible chain of events started on June 28, 2012, when a prisoner who was serving a sentence for a probation violation complained to prison nurses that he had a headache. He also said that he was vomiting and exhibiting other symptoms. The man had an allergy to Tylenol, so the nurse suggested he drink ice water for his symptoms.

Seniors in Kentucky are being treated poorly says report

As people age, they need more help. That is just one fact of life that isn't likely to change. Unfortunately, for residents of Kentucky who are elderly, getting the help they need just might not happen. Kentucky ranks last or near last in five factors that affect elder care, according to a report by the American Association of Retired Persons.

The report took 26 factors of performance into consideration. It graded all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., in the report. Kentucky didn't fare so well in some of these. In fact, the state ranked 51st in one area, 50th in two areas, and in the 40s in two other areas.

Botched knee surgery in Kentucky ends in $6 million verdict

When a person has knee pain, he or she will sometimes do whatever it takes to get rid of that pain. Surgery is sometimes the necessary step to get the pain to go away. For one Kentucky woman, a knee replacement surgery ended up being the start of a nightmare.

The woman had surgery to replace her knee in January of 2009. The woman developed an infection in the right knee, which was the knee she had replaced. Instead of removing the replacement, the doctor opted to leave the replacement in. He tried two different procedures to get rid of the infection, but those didn't work.

Failure to diagnose diabetes may lead to heart attacks

When going to the doctor for treatment, you expect that the doctor will give you a thorough checkup that will help to determine if anything is amiss. In some cases, doctors are missing out on some diseases and conditions, which is putting patients at risk. A new connection has been found between undiagnosed diabetes and heart attacks. This connection shows that failure to diagnose a patient properly can have serious consequences.

The study reviewed information from 2,854 heart attack patients from 24 American hospitals. Those patients weren't aware they had diabetes, but researchers tested the A1C levels to determine the diabetes status of the patients. The study concluded that in 10 percent of people, heart attacks are associated with diabetes that hasn't been diagnosed.

Will high cancer drug costs lead to medical negligence?

When a person is going through treatment for a life-threatening condition, they likely want to get the best treatment possible so they have the best chance of beating the condition. In the case of cancer patients, the cost of cancer drugs might be affecting the treatment protocols used by some doctors. Kentucky residents might be interested in learning how the cost of medications might prevent patients from receiving the care they need.

A new system of drug ratings for cancer drugs is being done by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The system will take the cost of drugs, as well as the side effects and the benefits, into account to determine the rating. Some patients might be worried that this new formula means that doctors will make medication errors when trying to find the drugs to best treat their cancer.

Kentucky Veterans Affairs facilities: Is patient harm possible?

By now, almost everyone in the country has probably heard about the medical negligence issue going on at Veterans Affairs medical centers. Sadly, Kentucky hasn't been untouched by the scandal. Kentucky's U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth calls the situation with the VA shameful. Shame is a nice way to describe the altered medical records and horrific wait times.

A recent case in Kentucky will likely make you shake your head in wonder. The case involves a situation in which seven veterans are being denied hospital admission. They have been placed on a waiting list despite the fact that there are 45 beds open at the facility, according to WFIE. That wing of the facility is closed, according to a spokesperson who goes on to say that opening the wing for seven patients isn't financially feasible.

Brachial plexus birth injury affects arm movement, therapy needed

When women think of childbirth, they usually think of a perfect little baby who comes into the world after a little bit of effort on her part. Sadly, that isn't always the case. Birth injuries sometimes come into play, which shatters that perfect image to pieces. One of these birth injuries is the brachial plexus injury, which affects around one out of every 1,000 babies born. Kentucky residents who are expecting a baby or have recently had a baby might be interested in learning about this type of birth injury.

A brachial plexus injury is sometimes caused by a difficult birth. Some risk factors for the condition include prolonged labor, forceps delivery, breech presentation, maternal diabetes, and large gestational size. In some cases, this type of birth injury doesn't always require surgery, but surgery and therapy are required in other cases.

Failure to diagnose mental health conditions is a serious problem

When it comes to mental illnesses, it can often be difficult for professionals to properly diagnose the correct illness so they can prescribe the proper treatment. Despite the difficulty for the medical professionals, it is essential that a proper diagnosis be made because the failure to diagnose a mental illness properly can have dire consequences. Kentucky residents who have a family member with a mental illness might be interested in a recent lawsuit filed in another state that puts the focus on the importance of properly diagnosing mental illnesses.

The lawsuit was filed by the family of a man who hanged himself in his apartment. The family members of the man allege that their son's suicide was caused by two mental health doctors failing to properly diagnose, monitor and treat their son. They have filed a $2 million medical malpractice lawsuit against those two doctors and the firms where the doctors work.