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Federal Regulations on Nursing Homes Undergo Substantial Overhaul

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities have recently benefitted from numerous important improvements in their rights and protections under federal law. The Department of Health and Human Services has recently enacted numerous new rules that will provide substantial changes to the operations of all nursing homes that receive federal funding through… Read More »

Medical Error Cited as Third-Leading Cause of Death in Recent Study

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

Like anyone, doctors can be prone to carelessness, laziness, or ignorance when on the job. Yet unlike most other professions, these traits can result in lethal harm to others should any errors go uncorrected. While stories of doctor errors leading to permanent or fatal harm to patients are by no means uncommon, it appears… Read More »

Manufacturer of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant to Pay Out $240M Settlement

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

The maker of a hip implant that has caused painful injuries to thousands of patients has recently settled with hundreds of plaintiffs. The manufacturer will pay a total of $240 million to these individuals, all of whom are based in California and Georgia, and most of whom were forced to have painful surgery to… Read More »

Patient Misidentification Can Result in Harm to Patients

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

Keeping track of what symptoms patients are experiencing, a doctor’s notes on their condition, and which tests and procedures are indicated can be a challenging facet of work in a bustling medical facility. In fact, a new study shows that record confusion and patient misidentification can have serious negative consequences for the victims of… Read More »

New Federal Rules Will Limit Commercial Vehicles to Slower Highway Speed

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have each proposed new rules that would make speed limiters mandatory on all commercial vehicles weighing 26,000 lbs. or more. The speed limiters would bar trucks from traveling faster than 60, 65, or 68 mph, depending on the version of… Read More »

Injuries to the Brachial Plexus in Infants

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

Despite being one of the most common medical procedures handled by any hospital, birth can be a complex, traumatic procedure, both for the mother and the infant. There are hundreds of ways that a birth can go wrong, and just as many injuries that an infant could suffer in the process of being born…. Read More »

Major Verdict against Chain of Nursing Homes with Numerous Locations in Kentucky

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

After three tragic death of residents, a nursing home chain is facing a $5.5 million verdict for its negligence which was found to cause the most recent of those deaths. The company has been the subject of numerous complaints, has a history of health and safety violations, and is currently facing charges from the… Read More »

New Lawsuit Filed by Heart Surgery Patients who Experienced Neurological Problems After Operation

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

A lawsuit has been filed by two heart surgery patients who were left with metal artifacts after their surgeries. Both patients’ surgeries were completed with the help of the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical device, and the victims claim that the device’s manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical, knew of the risks posed by the device and… Read More »

Lexington Car Accident Attorneys Helping Injury Victims Throughout Eastern Kentucky

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

There were over 125,000 crashes on Kentucky roads in 2014, causing over 23,000 injuries and more than 600 deaths. In 2015, the death toll from Kentucky car accidents rose to 761. The most tragic fact about these injuries and deaths is that the vast majority of car accidents could have been prevented, if only… Read More »

Failure to Diagnose Illnesses Can Result in Serious Health Consequences

By O’Brien Batten & Kirtley, PLLC |

Unless you have an advanced medical degree, you’re at the mercy of your doctor to accurately assess your symptoms and recommend a course of action. However, sometimes doctors fail to competently perform this task. Late or missed diagnosis can permanently affect your health, or even prevent you from treating what could have been a… Read More »

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