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Surgical error leads to amputation instead of circumcision

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Uncategorized |

Can you imagine going into an operating room thinking that you are only having a fairly simple procedure and then finding out when you come out that the surgeon amputated part of your body? That horrifying scenario is exactly what one man is dealing with right now. Kentucky residents might want to know what happened during surgery to this man.

The man went into the operating room to be circumcised. Instead of the surgeon doing that fairly simple operation, the doctor amputated the man’s penis. This man is now having to learn to live without this vital part of his anatomy because of this surgical error.

According to the man, nobody told him that amputation was possible with the circumcision. The hospital says that the man’s claims are unwarranted.

The man and his wife have filed a lawsuit against several parties, including the hospital where the amputation was performed. The lawsuit says that other defendants might be added to the complaint later.

While the complaint doesn’t say how the amputation came about or what condition the doctor was treating with the circumcision, the man’s life has been significantly altered. He and his wife are the ones that have to deal with the physical and emotional changes this unusual amputation has brought about.

No patient should have to deal with an unexpected amputation like this man had. Anyone who has been harmed by a surgical error has the right to file a complaint for compensation like this man and his wife did. Knowing the types of damages, acceptable claim amounts and other specifics about medical malpractice litigation might help you to decide how to file your complaint.

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