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Is uterine rupture a serious birth injury?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2014 | Uncategorized |

For women who go into labor, dreams of a perfect delivery with no complications are likely at the front of their minds. While most deliveries do go as planned, there are some very important dangers that pregnant women should be aware of. One of these risks is that of a uterine rupture. Our Kentucky readers might like to know more about this life-threatening risk. 

What is a uterine rupture?

A uterine rupture occurs when the uterus tears. It most often occurs on an area of the uterus that has a scar from a previous surgery or problem. Abdominal pain, loss of fetal station and a decrease in fetal heart rate are some signs of a uterine rupture.

Can it be prevented?

One cause of uterine rupture occurs when the contractions of the uterus are too strong for the uterine muscle to handle. This is one cause of uterine rupture that can be prevented, especially in women who have had a previous C-section or uterine surgery. In those women, the use of prostaglandins must be avoided. Additionally, any woman who is given labor-stimulating medications must be monitored closely for signs of trouble.

What are the dangers of uterine rupture?

Without a laparotomy and C-section right away, there is a chance that the mother and baby could die. The risk of the baby dying is increased if the baby has been expelled from the uterus and is the peritoneal cavity. In severe cases, a uterine rupture might necessitate a hysterectomy.

A woman who has suffered a uterine rupture might opt to seek compensation for the rupture and for subsequent issues. Knowing the laws in Kentucky pertaining to medical malpractice might help you to decide how you want to handle your claim.

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