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Failure to diagnose conditions can be devastating

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2015 | Firm News |

With how technology in the medical field has improved over the years, conditions that were once thought to be fatal and some that were thought to lead to misery can now be treated. The key to treating some of those conditions is early diagnosis so the treatment can start before the condition spreads or worsens. Our Kentucky neighbors can probably imagine how awful it would be to have a condition that isn’t diagnosed quickly. 

The sad reality is that conditions like cancer, appendicitis, heart attacks, and strokes can be fatal if they aren’t treated right away. Even if treatment is only delayed slightly, the results can be devastating. As you can imagine, the results of not getting treatment at all can be even worse.

We are here to help Kentucky residents who didn’t get a proper diagnosis. No matter what condition wasn’t diagnosed, we can help you to decide how to proceed. From pneumonia and infections to heart attacks and cancer, any missed diagnosis is a missed opportunity for a person to have a higher quality of life.

Surviving a missed diagnosis can lead to significant problems throughout life. Those problems can lead to medical bills and other financial impacts. Seeking compensation is one way that people who are suffering can cover those bills and lessen the financial blow. We can help you to seek that compensation from the parties who were responsible for missing the diagnosis. You might even be eligible to get compensation for the emotional damages resulting from the missed opportunity to diagnose and treat an illness or medical condition.

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