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Devastating accident shows construction dangers to non-workers

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Firm News |

You may pass a construction site on your way to work every day, or the main road near your house might be undergoing improvements. For numerous reasons, you and other Kentucky residents have regular exposure to construction projects, and you may not realize the potential dangers.

In some cases, a construction site can be just as dangerous for other people as they are for those who work in the industry.

6 killed in bridge collapse

People across the country are still dealing with shock and disbelief after a tragedy that occurred recently in Miami, Florida. A bridge was under construction over a busy roadway near Florida International University, meant to make crossing safer for pedestrians. Unfortunately, as you have probably heard, the bridge collapsed onto several cars stopped at a red light underneath the site, crushing and killing five people inside their vehicles and one construction worker.

Investigation far from complete

A 19-year-old man who had been in a vehicle with one of the victims says he now has constant anxiety attacks and flashbacks about the incident. He is suffering from numerous physical injuries as well, including a fractured back. It may not surprise you to learn he is one of several victims or survivors of the deceased who have filed lawsuits against the construction companies involved in the bridge project.

The bridge had received praise for its innovative building method, which involved assembling the major components off site and lifting it into place. Engineers have been attempting to determine the precise cause of the accident in the weeks since. You may have heard that some people spotted a crack on the bridge before the collapse, and others wonder whether suspension cables that were being tightened at the time of the accident contributed.

In addition to his physical injuries, the man mentioned above seems to be suffering from emotional trauma. In a catastrophic accident, your emotional as well as physical pain may come under consideration for compensation.

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