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An overview of robotic surgical procedures

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2019 | Medical Malpractice |

Patients in Kentucky and throughout the country may see better outcomes if they opt for a robotic surgery. However, this type of surgery is often more technically challenging than an open surgery. Therefore, it is important that it be performed by a surgeon who has experience doing so. Ideally, it will also be done by someone who performs an adequate volume of a given procedure. This is because experienced surgeons are less likely to make a mistake.

By avoiding mistakes, it is likely that a patient will avoid some or all complications that could occur. When done correctly, the benefits for a patient who undergoes a robotic surgery include less time out of work and less physical disfigurement. Other benefits include a shorter recovery period as well as a lower chance of infection. Prior to agreeing to a robotic surgery, a patient should ask questions about the surgeon who will perform the procedure.

Ideally, patients will ask about a surgeon’s experience and volume of surgeries performed. A patient should also inquire about a surgeon’s complication rate. As a general rule, a surgeon or a person recommending a medical professional will be as transparent as possible when responding to those queries.

If a person is injured because of a surgical error, he or she may be entitled to compensation. This may help to pay medical bills incurred related to the error both now or in the future. It may also pay for lost wages or lost future earnings if an individual is unable to work because of an injury caused by a surgeon’s mistake.

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