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Types of injures that commonly happen at retail stores

While one might not think of it when running in to a mall or individual store to make a quick purchase, there are actually a lot of ways in which a Kentucky resident can get hurt inside a retail store. When these sorts of injuries happen, the injured victim may have the legal option of pursuing the business and even, in some circumstances, the owner of the building.

Comparative fault in premises liability cases

As this blog has discussed before, Kentucky homeowners and business owners have an obligation to keep their property safe and secure for their guests and visitors. When they do not do so, and when someone gets hurt as a result, then the property owner may owe the injured victim compensation. This legal concept is called premises liability.

The duty to remove snow from one's walk

Winter is coming to Kentucky soon, and with that, snow and ice is inevitably going to fall somewhere in the state. While many people enjoy the snow because it is beautiful and fun to play in, snow-packed or icy sidewalks and streets also pose dangers both to motorists and to people who walk or ride bikes.

Kentucky still has traditional premises liability distinction

Unlike other states in the country, Kentucky has maintained a distinction between trespassers, licensee and invitees in premises liability cases. It is important therefore for Kentucky residents, particularly those who have been hurt while on the business property or at another person's residence, to be aware of what these terms mean, as they each imply a different type of responsibility a landowner has to keep his or her property safe.

Discussing logistics of premises liability cases

Getting injured on someone else's property is a big deal, and if the injuries you suffer change your life and cause you great pain and suffering, you may pursue a premises liability case against the people responsible. But that begs the question: who are the people responsible for the incident? And how do you establish their fault in the situation?

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