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Kentucky prisoner dies of starvation, doctor fired

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2014 | Uncategorized |

People who are in prison are at the mercy of the guards, prison staff and prison doctors. They expect these people to provide them with proper care. When proper care isn’t offered by these people, inmate injuries and deaths can possibly occur. A recent case with a Kentucky doctor shows how important it is for doctors in prisons to provide good medical care for inmates.

The inmate was in the last three years of a nine-year prison sentence when he decided to refuse his anti-anxiety medications. Thing from there went downhill. Eventually, the man went on a hunger strike. Any inmate that is on a hunger strike has to be medically monitored. Part of this monitoring includes having vital signs taken three times per week. Consultations with medical professionals are also required.

The inmate in question was taken off of the hunger strike monitoring by a doctor when the inmate started drinking tea. A new report says that the man starved to death because of lack of proper medical attention.

The doctor who removed the hunger strike monitoring has been fired from his position. He asserts that he wasn’t responsible for the man’s death. He says that the he thinks the prison just wanted a cheaper contract for his position.

This man’s family now has to deal with the fact that the man will never come home again. He won’t be released at the end of his prison sentence because of alleged medical negligence.

Anyone who has lost a family member because of a doctor error in treatment might be able to seek compensation for the loss if the doctor acted in a negligent manner.

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