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Marina owners can prevent, warn about, electric shock drowning

A previous post on this blog discussed how our law firm represents victims of electric shock drowning.

Electric shock drowning is a tragedy that can happen for a number of different reasons. Basically, any electric current in or around a body of water which seeps in to the water itself can make the water hazardous. Anyone swimming in the area of this water, even if they do not get electrocuted strictly speaking, may receive such a shock that they are unable to swim and wind up drowning.

Truck accident injures woman

A Kentucky resident got seriously hurt while traveling in a neighboring state after an 18-year-old driving a large semi rear-ended her. This happened on a federal highway that authorities had to shut down for over an hour to investigate the crash and clean up the scene.

We pioneered electric shock drowning cases

Our law firm proudly considers itself among the first in the country to sue marina owners in connection with electric shock drowning cases.

As a previous post on our blog hopefully illustrated, deaths related to electric shock drowning are preventable. If a boat owner and a marina take care to maintain their electrical equipment properly, then the chances of this terrible tragedy from happening are slim to none. When electrical equipment is not properly maintained, though, then a swimmer can drown, without warning, in water that seems tranquil but is in fact charged with electrical current.

How does electric shock drowning occur?

Many people enjoy recreating during the summer months at one of Kentucky's many lakes, reservoirs or rivers. While some like to use a motorboat or other watercraft for sport, others prefer just to swim or wade in the water.

Unfortunately, swimmers and boats do not always mix so well, even when boats are docked at their marina. An example of this fact which has gotten attention lately is the phenomenon of electric shock drowning.

How to talk with a loved one about nursing home abuse

You want your loved one to have a good time at the nursing home, but abuse runs rampant at certain institutions. When you visit your loved one, you want to keep an eye out for the signs of neglect, such as bedsores, poor personal hygiene, lack of mobility and psychological problems.

You may feel tempted to contact an attorney right away, but you should consider speaking with your loved one first. It does not hurt to get a complete picture of what has transpired. This can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it is critical to make sure your parent or grandparent does not suffer from abuse or neglect.

Millions will be on the road for Memorial Day

According to the American Automobile Association's (AAA's) figures, there will be 36.6 million motorists hitting the highways and roadways of Kentucky and other states this Memorial Day weekend. This is an uptick of almost five percent over the number of people who traveled by car this time last year.

It is not surprising that many people and families choose to travel via car over Memorial Day. Culturally, it is a long weekend that marks the start of the summer season, and many people take it as an opportunity to visit coastal locations and other cities they might not ordinarily be able to travel to.

Suing the trucking company after a truck crash

It is an unfortunate reality that truck accidents can leave a Kentucky resident or even a whole family dead or seriously injured. In these sorts of cases, suing the responsible truck driver might simply not be enough to get adequate compensation for the losses involved in such a tremendous tragedy.

As is fairly common in personal injury and wrongful death cases, victims may therefore want to identify and legally pursue all parties who are responsible for their injuries. On a practical level, the company which owns the truck is a logical business to sue since, after all, their vehicle caused the accident.

Government survey suggests employees are key to safety

There may well be no magic formula to ensure that patients in Kentucky's nursing homes stay safe. After all, there are unfortunately a lot of ways that patients can get hurt or sickened while in a nursing home, from slips and falls to bedsores to medication errors.

Rear-end accident along the side of a highway leaves boy dead

An accident authorities described as "horrific," left a four-year-old dead and several other people injured and needing care in nearby hospitals. Police are still investigating the accident, but they have consulted with the local prosecutor as a precautionary measure in case it appears criminal charges are necessary.

According to reports, a motorist was stranded in the emergency lane of a bridge spanning a river. Perhaps because help was delayed, the child and possibly the driver of the car exited the stalled vehicle.

How to prove negligence in a truck accident

Getting into a wreck with a large commercial truck is frustrating at best and catastrophic at worst. These massive vehicles are capable of causing a massive amount of damage. Due to the inherent dangers, there are strict safety regulations to reduce accidents. 

Unfortunately, crashes still occur and may have debilitating consequences. If a truck hits your vehicle, you will want to try and prove negligence so you can get compensation. Here are some violations drivers and companies commit that may make them liable for your injuries.

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