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Personal Injury

If you have been in an accident or suffered an injury, it is possible that something or someone is at fault. Maybe a driver was distracted or a property owner knew about a dangerous condition on the property and did nothing about it.

If you are injured and you know the person who may be responsible, such as a neighbor or another community member, it can be uncomfortable thinking about bringing a claim. However, if you are injured and someone else is at fault, then you have a right to pursue a recovery.

Compassion And Advocacy

Our personal injury lawyers understand that you obviously didn’t choose to be injured, and you didn’t have a choice about incurring medical bills and other expenses as a result. We want you to know that we understand you, and we will advocate for you in order to alleviate your stress and hold people accountable for negligence.

In our personal injury practice, we represent clients throughout Kentucky in cases including:

To learn more about personal injury law, please visit our FAQs page. You can also learn what to do after a car accident.

At O’Brien Batten Kirtley & Coomer, PLLC, our attorneys have over 80 years of combined experience trying personal injury cases. We can help with any personal injury claim, including medical malpractice claims and nursing home cases.

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