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Veteran’s wife files lawsuit, wins $21 million for care errors

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2015 | Firm News |

It is no secret that the Veterans’ Affairs system has been facing complaints regarding the medical treatment of our nation’s veterans. In a recent case, a victim’s family was able to receive some compensation for the man’s medical issues that were caused by medical malpractice. 

In this man’s case, he had a stroke and was seen at a VA Medical Center. The claim made in the lawsuit noted that the man had a second stroke that could have been prevented if the man had received a standard level of care.

Because the man had one stroke, he should have been treated for the risk of another stroke. Instead of providing him with the care that meets the standard of care, the man was prescribed the wrong medication. A witness in the case says that he was essentially abandoned by his doctor.

When the man had his second stroke a mere 6 weeks later, his health was greatly affected. He suffers from “locked-in” syndrome, which means that he has severely limited voluntary movements in his muscles. While he is conscious, he can only move his eyes and head, but even those movements are limited.

The man’s wife took action on his behalf. After a 4-day bench trial, she was awarded more than $21 million for the medical malpractice. That should go a long way in caring for the aging veteran until he passes away.

Veterans shouldn’t think that they don’t have any options to seek compensation when they receive inadequate or subpar care from the VA. As this case shows, veterans can take action against the VA.

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