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We pioneered electric shock drowning cases

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

Our law firm proudly considers itself among the first in the country to sue marina owners in connection with electric shock drowning cases.

As a previous post on our blog hopefully illustrated, deaths related to electric shock drowning are preventable. If a boat owner and a marina take care to maintain their electrical equipment properly, then the chances of this terrible tragedy from happening are slim to none. When electrical equipment is not properly maintained, though, then a swimmer can drown, without warning, in water that seems tranquil but is in fact charged with electrical current.

Each summer, people die both in Kentucky and across the country on account of electric shock drowning. These people can be innocently swimming in area where no warnings are posted and where there are no restrictions. Some may be wage-earners whose families count on them to bring home income, while others may be small children who have a bright future ahead of them.

In all cases, though, electric shock drowning robs a family of a loved one and does so needlessly. It is unfortunate in this respect that people are not aware of the dangers of swimming close to docked boats at a marina, and this is in part because marinas aren’t taking the hazard of electric shock drowning seriously. Sadly, some take absolutely no safety measures even though people have become more aware of how serious electric shock drowning is.

If a Kentucky family lost a loved one in a drowning accident that seems hard to explain, the family should consider whether electric shock played a role in the drowning. If it did, then those responsible for the accident can be held accountable.

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