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Judge hearing evidence in trial involving Kentucky patient

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

A medical malpractice trial that involves a patient from Northern Kentucky and several hospitals in the greater Cincinnati area, which includes parts of Northern Kentucky has begun. The doctor who is the defendant in this trial is reportedly evading criminal allegations of fraud but has denied doing anything wrong.

The woman also seeks compensation from the hospitals that allowed the doctor to practice medicine in their facilities.

One of the allegations is that the doctor was performing spine surgeries that were not necessary. In the case of this woman, the doctor indicated that her spine was curved 35 degrees. The plaintiff’s expert physician disagreed with this assessment and opined at trial that the surgery was not necessary.

Other allegations include that the doctor did not properly perform the surgery. His post-operative report was also very late by medical standards and was also written in a slipshod manner.

The woman also alleges that, had they done more due diligence about the doctor, they would have discovered that he had lost his medical privileges at other facilities. Losing one’s privileges at a hospital means that a doctor cannot legally practice medicine at the facility or place his or her patients there.

The trial is ongoing, and observers have described the case as a complicated matter that involves a lot of medical records and the like. Such is often the case in medical malpractice claims, particularly when surgeries are involved.

The mere complexity of medical malpractice case is one of many reasons why a Kentucky resident who feels he or she has been hurt by a physician should consider seeking the help of an experienced attorney.

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