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Types of injures that commonly happen at retail stores

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Premises Liability |

While one might not think of it when running in to a mall or individual store to make a quick purchase, there are actually a lot of ways in which a Kentucky resident can get hurt inside a retail store. When these sorts of injuries happen, the injured victim may have the legal option of pursuing the business and even, in some circumstances, the owner of the building.

For instance, one of the common types of injuries that happen while one is shopping is a slip and fall. Slips and falls can happen for a number of reasons.

While some of these reasons really are just freak accidents, preventable circumstances like flooring in poor condition, objects in walkways, bad lighting or floors that are slick can cause of fall. A business can prevent these circumstances with the proper care. It should be pointed out that these sorts of injuries can occur in parking lots as well.

Likewise, many other accidents happen because of falling objects striking unsuspecting customers. In addition to objects that are high on shelves, marketing displays or even objects that might be just a little too close to the edge of a shelf can fall and seriously hurt somebody. Even a shopping cart, if it is not properly balanced, can tip and hurt the person either alongside it or, in the case of a small child, the person riding in the cart.

Someone who gets hurt at a retail store because of a fall or on account of a falling object may have the ability to file lawsuit under the theory of premises liability.

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