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When you seek treatment for symptoms of an illness, you expect doctors and medical professionals to be thorough in evaluating your condition before issuing a diagnosis. However, from time to time physicians jump to conclusions before systematically ruling out all possible alternatives, misdiagnosing a condition and subsequently providing inadequate treatment.

At the law office of O’Brien Batten Kirtley & Coomer, PLLC, a Lexington, Kentucky, medical malpractice law firm, we provide steadfast representation to individuals who have been seriously injured as a result of a misdiagnosis that was caused by medical negligence.

A Misdiagnosis Is A Missed Opportunity

A misdiagnosis does not always amount to medical malpractice – there are some illnesses that are difficult to differentiate between even when doctors exercise due diligence and care. However, when medical professionals are negligent and do not seek the proper information or rule out possibilities without reason, you are entitled to compensation for the treatment opportunities that are lost as a result of the carelessness.

Our attorneys are passionate about working with clients to evaluate the situation that led to the misdiagnosis, drawing on medical records and respected experts to build persuasive cases that outline the negligence that contributed to the misdiagnosis and subsequent injuries. Our hands-on approach continues throughout the entire case, as we remain available to answer questions and discuss concerns every step of the way.

Contact A Kentucky Malpractice Misdiagnosis Lawyer

To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Lexington medical misdiagnosis lawyers, contact the law office of O’Brien Batten Kirtley & Coomer, PLLC, at 859-554-4727.