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We Hold Owners Responsible For Dog Bites

An attack from a dog is a frightening experience that can happen at any time. Being in someone’s home when their dog bites can feel like it’s your fault, but this is not the case.

If you are invited to enter someone’s home or yard, and their pet bites you, it is never your fault. If a dog gets loose and bites you on the street, in a park or in your yard, the owner may not be considered negligent, but they can still be held responsible for the damage. The attorneys at O’Brien Batten Kirtley & Coomer, PLLC, can discuss the situation with you and give you an idea of the compensation you deserve after suffering a dog bite.

Serious Repercussions For Aggressive Dog Owners

Pet owners in Kentucky are always responsible for what their animal does. Aggressive animals are taken very seriously by the state. Pet owners need to take steps to prevent aggressiveness in their dog long before an incident occurs. If not, their dog may be killed or removed from their ownership.

Owners who do not prevent a bite from happening may need to pay for your injuries, mental suffering and damages to your property, livestock or pet. This means you can press charges if a dog attacks your dog on the owner’s property, your property or public property. There is simply no excuse for an aggressive animal attacking others.

We Can Handle The Case For You

Our team at O’Brien Batten Kirtley & Coomer, PLLC, has 80 years of combined experience in personal injury cases. We regularly represent victims of dog bites and understand the pain and fear such an incident can cause in your life. We can handle the situation so you can focus on what is most important: your recovery.

The process may look similar to the following steps:

  • File a complaint about the aggressive animal at the district court level
  • Serve and charge the owner for owning a vicious dog
  • Both parties, or their attorney representative, attend a hearing
  • The court will order penalties for the owner and their dog
  • Penalties are enacted on a set timeline — such as paying compensation to the victim

There are many nuances to dog bite laws depending on where and when the incident occurred and who was involved in the incident. Call us at 859-554-4727 or reach out online and we can discuss your case during a free consultation.

Our Lexington, Kentucky, office serves local and statewide dog bite victims.