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Alleged overuse of cardiac stents linked to deaths

More than 7 million Americans in the last ten years have had a cardiac stent used to open up a blocked or partially blocked artery. The costs of this procedure are staggering, with estimates putting the price tag at over $110 billion. When used in patients that have had a heart attack and the stent opens up the artery to allow blood flow, there is little controversy over the benefits. Each year, about 350,000 - or about half - of all stents placed are for this reason or other "acute cases."

Birth injury prompts mother to raise awareness of Erb's palsy

An expectant mother wants nothing more than to have a healthy baby. Mothers in Kentucky and around the country are aware that there are sometimes complications during birth that can cause injury to the baby if the physician and medical staff do not act promptly or correctly. A woman from Owasso, Oklahoma, understands this all too well, as her 14-month-old daughter is now suffering from Erb's palsy.

Report - VA Medical Center emergency room excessive wait times

The wait times at some hospital emergency rooms have been notoriously long. Triage nurses work diligently to try to determine which patients require immediate attention for possible life-saving treatment, while other patients can wait several hours to be seen by medical staff. However, our Kentucky readers may be interested in a report about the Baltimore VA Medical Center in which some patients waited more than six hours for treatment and others, more than 22 hours.

Second man arrested in Kentucky nursing home neglect incident

Nursing homes are tasked with the care of our elderly loved ones, which are some of Kentucky's and this nation's most vulnerable citizens. When nursing home neglect or abuse occurs, it can often go unreported because it goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, many of the residents of nursing homes or other long-term care facilities won't - or can't - speak for themselves. Family members may speak to the nursing directors about abuse or neglect, only to find out that nothing was done. Many times, it takes the involvement of law enforcement or a civil lawsuit before anything changes in the level of care received at some elderly care facilities.

Kentucky man sues doctors and others after misdiagnosis of HIV

It is hard to imagine what it would be like to believe you were living with HIV for eight years, and then suddenly learn you never even had the virus. That is exactly what happened to a 43-year-old man from Kentucky, though. He was misdiagnosed back in 2004 after a visit to the emergency room. He was told he had HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and he wouldn't learn otherwise until August 2012. As a result, he is suing the University of Kentucky Medical Center and several physicians, as well as the Fayette County Health Department and the Bluegrass Care Clinic.

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