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Bedsores are preventable injuries

When a Kentucky family makes the painful decision either to put a loved one in a nursing home or, at least, strongly suggest that the loved one make that decision, they do so trusting that the facility which they choose will do their utmost to take care of their new patient and make sure they are comfortable and well-provided for in what is often the last months or years of their life.

The duty to remove snow from one's walk

Winter is coming to Kentucky soon, and with that, snow and ice is inevitably going to fall somewhere in the state. While many people enjoy the snow because it is beautiful and fun to play in, snow-packed or icy sidewalks and streets also pose dangers both to motorists and to people who walk or ride bikes.

Jury awards millions in Kentucky wrongful death case

A helicopter crash that left three people dead, including a former sheriff's deputy, a nurse and a paramedic, came to a resolution in a Kentucky courtroom as a jury awarded almost $22 million to the grieving family members of the three victims following a wrongful death lawsuit.

Regulated truckers must not text and drive

As previous posts have discussed, many if not most truckers who travel through Kentucky have to follow special rules set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, if they want to keep working for their employer or to continue operating their own business.

Kentucky still has traditional premises liability distinction

Unlike other states in the country, Kentucky has maintained a distinction between trespassers, licensee and invitees in premises liability cases. It is important therefore for Kentucky residents, particularly those who have been hurt while on the business property or at another person's residence, to be aware of what these terms mean, as they each imply a different type of responsibility a landowner has to keep his or her property safe.

Who gets paid damages after a wrongful death case?

Some Kentucky might not even think to ask the question of who exactly gets compensated when another person negligently caused the death of someone's friend or relative. After all, the person who got hurt died and therefore does not need the money. On the other hand, there are probably many, if not hundreds, of people who are affected by the untimely and preventable death of a Kentucky resident.

Discussing logistics of premises liability cases

Getting injured on someone else's property is a big deal, and if the injuries you suffer change your life and cause you great pain and suffering, you may pursue a premises liability case against the people responsible. But that begs the question: who are the people responsible for the incident? And how do you establish their fault in the situation?

Lack of parking, rest spots for truckers puts public at risk

If you are like many motorists, you may feel uneasy anytime you find yourself sharing the road with commercial trucks. In addition to slowing you down and obstructing your vision, these trucks often pose additional dangers because of their large size and considerable weight.

How can I tell if a loved one experienced nursing home neglect?

As much as Kentucky families may try, it is often hard to avoid the possibility that they may choose a bad nursing home for their loved one to stay in. After all, nursing homes with a habit of neglecting their patients are unlikely to come out and admit it. Moreover, even good or okay nursing homes may have a few bad apple employees who harm their patients even behind the backs of their busy and often overworked bosses.

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