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Medical negligence case ends in $1 million verdict

When you take your child to a doctor, you put trust in the doctor that an appropriate treatment will be completed. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. There are some instances in which doctors make errors while treating patients. When those errors are serious, legal recourse might be possible. Kentucky residents might be interested to read about a case of doctor error that involved a little boy who had a surgical wire left in his neck after being treated for dehydration.

Hospitals at risk as ambulance service shuts down in 6 states

No matter how highly regarded a hospital in Kentucky may be, if sick or injured people can't get treatment on time due to ambulance delays or closures, their reputation is put on the line - along with human lives. Hospitals depend on their medical transportation and emergency response services to get patients the timely treatment and stabilization they need. A large-scale ambulance service closure can cause casualties and deaths, and someone needs to be held accountable.

When nursing home residents report sex abuse, will staff listen?

When a parent in the Lexington area starts to need more constant care and supervision than his or her adult children can provide, choosing long-term care is never easy. Family members worry about whether their older relatives will be treated with the love, respect and dignity they deserve. While it's bad enough to contemplate the idea of their nursing home experience being unpleasant in any way, discovering that an incapacitated older relative was raped by a caregiver is nothing short of a nightmare.

Stillborn baby's parents sue hospital for laughing at its body

While most hospital and birth injuries result in harm to the body, sometimes negligent practice can result in emotional scars. Kentucky residents may be interested in a case in New York that drastically illustrates the need for sensitivity in the delivery room, especially in cases of still birth.

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