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Melissa Rivers sues over medical negligence in mother's death

Last year, the country received a shock when it was made public that Joan Rivers was rushed to the hospital and wasn't doing well at all. As the days passed, more and more information was made public about this tragic case. In the most recent update about this story, Melissa Rivers has decided to seek compensation for the wrongful death of her mother through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Our Kentucky readers might be interested in recapping the case and learning about why Melissa Rivers made this choice. 

Failure to diagnose conditions can be devastating

With how technology in the medical field has improved over the years, conditions that were once thought to be fatal and some that were thought to lead to misery can now be treated. The key to treating some of those conditions is early diagnosis so the treatment can start before the condition spreads or worsens. Our Kentucky neighbors can probably imagine how awful it would be to have a condition that isn't diagnosed quickly. 

Can hand washing prevent patient harm in hospitals?

Many people think of hospitals as sanitary places. The truth is that many surfaces in hospitals are laden with nasty germs that can cause infections and other issues. As sick people sneeze, cough and breathe, those germs float around and land on surfaces. Even in the cleanest hospitals, there is a chance of getting sick from those germs. One of the best ways that people can stop the spread of these germs in hospitals is by washing their hands. 

Does inadequate nurse staffing lead to patient harm?

It is no secret that people who go into the hospital for care rely heavily on nurses to ensure they receive proper care and are comfortable throughout their stay in the hospital. In order for the patients to remain safe and receive proper care, the nursing staff has to be properly scheduled and the ratio of nurses to patients has to be adequate. Our Kentucky readers might be interested to learn how improper staffing can lead to patients having problems in the hospital. 

Failure to diagnose cancer can mean trouble during morcellation

When people learn they will have to have surgery, their thoughts likely turn to how the surgery will be performed. When those people hear that they might have minimally invasive surgery instead of invasive surgery, they will likely be happy. Minimally invasive surgery usually means an easier and a shorter recovery time. Recently, the use of power morcellation as a way to complete hysterectomies or myomectomies has come under scrutiny. Our readers in Kentucky might find this interesting. 

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