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Gov. Beshear vows to improve Kentucky nursing home conditions

If you have ever had to make the difficult decision of putting a beloved parent or other relative in a nursing home to assure they are being given the level of care and supervision they require, you probably worry a lot about their well-being. You hope that they are being kept safe and comfortable, fed nutritious meals, given proper medical care, and offered opportunities for recreation, fresh air and social enrichment. Most importantly, you hope that their caregivers will treat them with the same respect and nurturance that you would give them yourself.

Spine surgeon's medical license suspended in Kentucky

A few weeks ago, we told you about a spinal surgeon who practiced in Kentucky and Ohio that was indicted on 36 counts of various health care fraud crimes. In addition, the surgeon has had over 160 personal injury lawsuits filed against him, with many former patients claiming they were subjected to unnecessary surgeries and other medical procedures.

University settles medical negligence lawsuit for $2.3 million

When people seek medical treatment, they expect to receive the proper diagnosis and care. Unfortunately, that doesn't always occur. The result can be life-altering illness or even worse. In Kentucky's neighboring state of Ohio, a woman sued the University of Cincinnati and others after a failure to diagnose a serious infection in 2006 that left her in a wheelchair.

Off label procedure leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

When a person from Kentucky or elsewhere in the country seeks medical treatment from a physician, he or she expects to receive the proper medical care. This includes the proper use of medical equipment used in surgeries and other procedures. There are instances, though, where medical equipment is used in a manner that is not consistent with its tested use. This can be allowed, but only if the physician has been trained on the alternative use, and the patient knows what the risks are.

Hospital fined after surgeon removes patient's wrong kidney

When a patient seeks medical care from a hospital, he or she assumes that the care they receive will be high quality. Medical professionals and entities have a responsibility to provide medical treatment that meets a standard of care. When this doesn't occur, the patient and/or the patient's family has the right to pursue compensation. However, there are some errors that are so egregious that a state may become involved. That's what happened last week in California.

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