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Fast and firm action necessary after a birth injury in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Uncategorized |

The joyful experience of birth is something that sometimes eludes women. This is the case when the woman or her baby are injured during labor and delivery. In some cases, the injuries might have been prevented if the medical staff had reacted in a proper manner when certain situations arise during the labor or birth process.

When there is a preventable cause that leads to a baby or mother being hurt, it is possible for the mother to seek compensation for the injury. We know how devastating a birth injury can be. We understand that the injury might be so severe that it impacts the quality of your life or your baby’s life. We also understand that medical care for a birth injury can be expensive.

Even if the injury was caused by a decision of medical professionals during your pregnancy, you might still have a claim for compensation. Improper monitoring for potential problems or failing to test for Group B strep are examples of how improper prenatal care might affect your pregnancy.

In every birth injury or prenatal care harm case, having experienced representation is vital. You have to prove that the medical staff’s actions or negligence led to the injury. Whether your baby suffered from cerebral palsy or was injured due to shoulder dystocia, we can help you investigate the incident in a proper way.

Taking action as soon as possible after the injury is noted is vital so that you can ensure evidence is preserved. Swift action also helps to ensure that you file your claim within the time limits set forth by Kentucky.

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