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Kentucky’s texting and driving laws

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Like other states, Kentucky has laws in place that prohibit drivers from texting and driving. However, while police in this state can do pull motorists over for violations of these laws, the penalty for breaking them is pretty tame.

In Kentucky, no one is allowed to text, which generally speaking includes instant messaging, emailing and searching the web, while they are driving. If police see someone texting while they are driving in this state, then they can pull that person over and issue a citation. This is the case even if the driver wasn’t breaking any other traffic laws.

Likewise, a person who is operating a bus can be pulled over not only for texting but also for using any cell phone while driving, including a cell phone that operates with a hands-free device. Those under 18 also are not allowed to use their cell phones at all while they are driving their cars.

Unfortunately, though, the penalties that the law imposes on this form of distracted driving is pretty tame and likely not a major deterrent. In addition to court fees and other costs, a person faces only a fine of up to $25. However, following a serious accident, other charges not directly related to distracted driving can be filed.

The law at least acknowledges in some way that distracted driving is dangerous. To this point, the victim of a motorist who caused a wreck because of distracted driving can sue the distracted driver, as texting and driving is likely going to be considered negligent behavior. This lawsuit can help a victim cover his or her expenses and losses from the accident.

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