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Why you need a seasoned legal team after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Having an experienced team of Kentucky legal professionals, such as the ones in our law office, is critical after suffering serious injuries in a major truck accident for a lot of reasons.

For one, even the most honest of truck drivers isn’t going to want to admit that they were being careless behind the wheel or were violating a law or regulation at the time of the accident, as doing so could spell fines and other penalties. It could also cost them their jobs and even their livelihoods if no one is willing to hire them after an accident.

As such, even the best truck drivers may be tempted to minimize their own role in an accident. At worst, some less scrupulous people will say what they need to in order to get out of trouble, even blaming the accident victim.

Unfortunately, trucking companies and their insurance carriers may be all too tempted to go along with a driver’s story without really questioning it. This is because when the trucker is not at fault for the accident, the insurance company and the trucking company save money and the employer preserves its reputation.

When we took on a case related to a truck accident, we see our role is involving more than just making sure our clients get properly compensated, although of course that is very important to us as well. Our job is also to make sure our clients get justice in that the whole truth behind what caused an accident gets told, even if that means making powerful companies uncomfortable.

Our firm cares about our clients’ cases not simply because we want to see our clients get paid, but also because we want to have their voices heard by holding those who injured them accountable for their actions.

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