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Product liability law: an overview

Every year, defective and dangerous products cause thousands of injuries across Kentucky and the rest of the U.S., but victims could be compensated for their losses under product liability law. This encompasses the rules that determine who is responsible for the defects. The foundation for these rules is the requirement that products meet the ordinary expectations of customers. Where these are not met, the manufacturer or seller may be at fault.

Food bullying is more than just a harmless prank

The chances are that your child has been on the receiving end of teasing or bullying at least once in school. Sadly, most children endure some type of bullying during these difficult years, regardless of how popular they are. However, you and your children should understand that bullying can easily go too far, especially when it puts someone's health or safety at risk. Food bullying is a good example of a joke that some Kentucky students might think is harmless but can be extremely dangerous.

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